In many parts of the world, tree frogs can be heard singing on warm summer nights. Tree frogs sing to announce their territories and to attract females. Their songs have been known to differ according to the weather. This is such a fun song to sing and act out with your child and it’s even more fun with a group of children. There are so many concepts children learn through songs, but to them, they’re just having fun!

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  • As a piece of living tissue, a tusk is relatively soft; it is as hard as the mineral calcite.
  • When her tenure is over, the matriarch’s eldest daughter takes her place; this occurs even if her sister is present.
  • If you want to get songs without the ads from YouTube, there are a couple simple solutions.
  • With very few exceptions, (example; Henneguya zschokkei) animals respire aerobically.
  • The expression “elephant in the room” refers to an obvious truth that is ignored or otherwise unaddressed.
  • This amazing version by Patty Shukla has a key change from the original one.

So the best way to teach them anything new is by involving them in any activity which benefits them by improving their cognitive and motor skills. By such activities, the kid not only learns new things faster but also is motivated to learn more. One such activity to teach kids about various animals is animal songs. As the kid sings and dances along with the animal songs, they learn about animals and their sounds along with mindfulness.

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Within a year, favorite new songs could be heard in whale populations around the world. By then, the Australian whales were already busy creating even more new tunes. A single area may be home to many types of birds, but a female can locate a male of her species by its song.

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The Trashmen claimed not to have heard The Rivingtons version of the song but did hear another Minnesota band playing a cover and used them for inspiration. Everybody’s favorite goth rocker, Robert Smith, created a classic in 1983. Smith dislikes the song and claims he was drunk during the song’s writing, recording, and promo filming. Robert Smith recently came back to the mainstream charts with his appearance on the latest album from Chvrches. The second official single from the band’s fifth studio album. “The North Wind Doth Blow” is an English nursery rhyme whose origins date back to the 16th century.

In its lyrics, the robin needs to get warm when the winter comes. Because of its reference to the cold, it is a good starting point to discuss with children the seasons and their impact on wildlife. Male mice sing at an ultrasonic level – at a pitch too high for human ears to hear. Female mice can hear it, though, and males use their songs to attract a mate. It has been observed that some mice seem better at singing than others – some songs attract many females, and others none at all.


This one is great for getting little mouths moving in all different directions and warming up to sing. If you want to get songs without the ads from YouTube, there are a couple simple solutions. You can click the songs directly from this post, and it should take away most of the ads.

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Both males and family groups typically move 10–20 km (6–12 mi) a day, but distances as far as 90–180 km (56–112 mi) have been recorded in the Etosha region of Namibia. Elephants go on seasonal migrations in search of food, water, minerals, and mates. At Chobe National Park, Botswana, herds travel 325 km to visit the river when the local waterholes dry up. African forest elephants are the smallest species, with males usually being around 209–231 cm (6 ft 10 in – 7 ft 7 in) tall at the shoulder and 1.7–2.3 t (1.9–2.5 short tons). Male African bush elephants are typically 23% taller than females, whereas male Asian elephants are only around 15% taller than females.